Distinguished Alumni: James Taylor

By Paige Greene
Web Content Assistant Manager 

James Taylor graduated from Texas State University in 1981 with a bachelors degree in international studies. 39 years later, Taylor is receiving one of the Distinguished Alumni awards from Texas State University.  

“It’s a great honor and of course was not expected,” said Taylor. “I have a lot of great things to say about Texas State….and I was especially happy to remember those that were a part of my journey.” 

Since graduating, Taylor has built and expanded multiple businesses in Mexico and enjoys “connecting or bridging politics or businesses with cultural groups.” 

Taylor on business.

When asked about why he chose Texas State, Taylor said that the school, academically, had a great program. Coming from Mexico, Taylor was interested in learning about how the US and Mexico could have a better relationship and was called to the study of Latin America. 

“Most importantly [the international studies program] touched on a passion I didn’t know I had until I went to Texas State,” said Taylor. 

Taylor uses this passion to try and bridge culture, history and politics between the two countries. 

Taylor on his time at Texas State.

Taylor also believes there is a need for individuals who are interested in what he does.  

“There is a great need for individuals that want to pursue a better understanding of what drives political power, and what drives relationships among nations,” said Taylor. “I think there is a lot of disruption going on in the world today and I think we need people that can better understand and put forth new ideas about how these relationships can overcome difficulties…” 

Taylor does wish that he took more business classes while he was at Texas State, and recommends other students to do so. 

Taylor on international relations.
Taylor on change.

When asked what advice he had for current students, Taylor said to make sure you do not waste your time on things that you are not interested in. 

“Take your time to understand what you want to do and you’re going to know what grabs you. The things that don’t excite you, don’t waste your time trying to think about it. Just move on,” said Taylor.

Advice from Taylor.

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