Image of a component of what appears to potentially be a part of a time machine.

If I Could Time Travel

By Tiger Shi
Web Content Contributor

Imagine waking up one morning to find out you overslept and are running late for an important meeting. I know that feeling; we have all been in that position. There are times in which we wish that time travel was possible so we could redo what we messed up. 

If time travel were to exist, I might be tempted to do more than just affect my own life and as a result alter history. Imagine preventing a war or electing someone into office that differs from the regular timeline? Doing such things might just benefit mankind.

However there are also abundant consequences, so in a way having the power to time travel requires responsibility. In that case, I would like to focus on more personal endeavors; from eating a certain meal again to helping a past-self obtain a certain career, time travel is a fun idea to think about.

Personally, I would love to travel back in time to change my minor from history to political science. Since graduating high school, I had a dream of working as a political news reporter and working my way up to a White House correspondent. 

Currently I look for opportunities in news media on a local level. By changing my minor, I could possibly have an increased chance of getting hired.

Iconic time travel scene in “Back to the Future.”

In terms of the method, I would not want to travel via the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” as I might crash and cause property damage. Using a Time-Turner from the “Harry Potter” franchise on the other-hand would take too long. 

I’d prefer a method like Stewie Griffin’s time machine from “Family Guy” where there is a physical booth and return pad for easy access.  

We may all want to time travel to alter the past, present and future. However, it is a wasted opportunity to only contemplate changing historical events. Think of the pros and cons of doing something that could shape the future of your personal life. 

In other words, I’d prefer changing my own life through time travel rather than altering the history of the world. That doesn’t mean one should not change world matters if they had the chance, but often the idea of time travel is under utilized in terms of how it can benefit humanity in a personalized way. 

Featured Image made by Tiger Shi via Canva

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