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Up and coming British indie band, Wet Leg leaves their listeners eager for more with their 2022 self-titled album. The band, consisting of members Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, is your ultimate indie girl group that you have been searching for. Their self-titled album is angsty and glamorous whilst perfectly ironic at the same time, the perfect mixture to an ideal album. They sing of being in love but also poke fun at many topics throughout the entirety of the album. Their music is purely fun and the perfect addition to any playlist.

Formed in 2019, the band claims to have formed solely for fun and nothing else, but their undeniable talent and unique nature quickly raised them to fame. Wet Leg writes their songs as ironically as possible yet they are still some of the best music i have heard all year.

The Album kicks itself off with angsty and confident “Being In Love”. This is a song that reminds me so much of early 2000’s indie pop. The build up to the guitar shredding and fast drums is reminiscent of something from the band Phoenix or Miike Snow which is always fun to listen to. The song is straight to the point and sings about the chaotic and agonizing feeling of being in love.

Moving on to the second and most popular song off the album, “Chaise Longue”. This song is extremely unique sounding and even alludes to the 2004 Comedy, Mean Girls. The entire song seems to be extremely ironic and full of double entendres. This song is characterized by Teasdales talking singing voice that is unique to Wet Leg and their music. So much of their music is covered in ironic angst and this song is the perfect example of Wet Leg’s uncommon way of writing and playing music

“Angelica” is next on the tracklist and one of my personal favorites on this album. The track is a silly way of calling a party they are at lame. As they sing “Good Times, all the time” they are being purely ironic and mean exactly the opposite. The irony is such a motif throughout the entire album and a staple to Wet Leg’s songwriting. “Angelica” has an amazing guitar presence throughout the song and towards the end of the song an awesome duet with the drums.

Next on the tracklist is “I Don’t Wanna Go Out”, a slower and more melancholy song on the record. The track sings about getting older and going to parties to distract yourself from the horrors of reaching adulthood. Life was so much more fun when we were younger and Teasdale recognizes that and sings about putting it into perspective. The song has elements of a darker, more melancholic She & Him song, especially the first 10 seconds of the song.

“Wet Dream” is the perfect mid-album pick me up. The song was popularized when Harry Styles covered it in the Live Lounge earlier this year. Although this song is essentially about a breakup, it easily one of the most upbeat tracks on the album. The song is fast paced and is chock full of alluring lyrics.

They then move on to “Convincing” where Hester takes the lead vocals. Her voice is a stark contrast to Teasdale’s famous talking singing voice. The guitar in this song is dark and almost punk like but the vocals oppose the shadowy instrumentals with their ethereal take on the song. “Convincing” is about convincing yourself that everything is okay when it is actually quite the opposite.

“Loving You” is one of the most different songs on the album. The vocals are reminiscent of Girlpool’s incredibly light and dainty voice. Although the song seems light, the lyrics are heavy with pain and anger. This track touches on being upset with how a relationship ended and the toxicity of it all.

“Ur Mum” is easily the most fun track on the album. Much like many of their songs, the instrumentals are fun and upbeat, but their lyrics serve a different purpose. Full of frustration and anger, this song sings about a failed relationship and the conflict that comes with that. “Ur Mum” has an incredible build up to the chorus that can make anyone want to jump up and down in anger.

Track 9, “Oh No” is one of the more silly and ironic songs on the record. The lyrics sing about being sucked into boredom and having nothing to do other than stare at your phone. The song is all about scrolling on your phone for ages and how damaging that can actually be to one’s dopamine intake, but you simply can not stop yourself from doing it.

Track 10 is a softer and more melodic track that beautifully contrasts the post punk nature of the rest of the album. This song is perfect for getting over a break up or failed romantic relationship.

“Supermarket” and “Too Late Now” reflect on the nature of adulthood. “Supermarket” sings about the more romantic nature of a relationship by doing mundane things with your partner such as buying groceries at the supermarket, whereas “Too Late Now” sings about accepting the mundane nature of adulthood.

Something about hearing two best friends create a magnificent album truly warms my heart. Wet Leg is incredible and did a wonderful job with their debut album.

Written by: Jordan Young

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