Revolutions: Folk Rock

By David Cavazos Music always comes in many forms. There are plenty of people who think mastery over theory and their instruments produce the highest quality. Then there’s the counter argument that it doesn’t matter how complicated the tune is as long as the emotion and message is conveyed. This enlightenment vs romance argument in music over time has both produced great works as well as burned many bridges. Although one great work produced from the romantic aspect is Folk Rock. Folk music which consists of cultural hymns, chants, and shanties has been around since the inception of civilization. Over time every culture attributed their own prefered instruments to their folk music creating … Continue reading Revolutions: Folk Rock

Putting the Magic Into Teaching

By Shannon Williams When I was in third grade, my class was constantly seated in front of this program called “The Magic School Bus” in which Ms. Frizzle’s class constantly defied space and time on outlandish field trips in the name of science. If you were anything like me in third grade, you might have been completely jealous of Phoebe and Max, for none of my field trips could have matched that splendor. At Utopiafest I managed to find a bit of magic through a few guys playing in their very own tricked out school bus. If kids aren’t still watching “The Magic School Bus,” I … Continue reading Putting the Magic Into Teaching

Kathryn Price’s “Film: The Art of Understanding Society”

Audio Download By: Kathryn Price Teenagers, they are hard to figure out.  Society has been trying to evaluate these creatures by looking into their brains, writing songs about them, and of course portraying films about this stage of being human.  April and Junip is a film about two teenage girls.  The film does not force an extreme personality of teenagers, but comforts them with the knowledge that they are not alone in feeling lost or misplaced.  I was honored to talk to Elektra Johnson, the director, about this film and how it relates to the society around her. The two girls find a teenage girl’s journal … Continue reading Kathryn Price’s “Film: The Art of Understanding Society”