Picture of the lead singer used for the album cover. She is standing in front of a junkyard with crushed cars and debris.


Wednesday’s Twin Plagues: Playing with Noise

By Victor Guevara Music Journalist On their sophomore album, North Carolina's five-piece collective, Wednesday, grimes up their shoegaze-like sound, adding distortion, wailing guitars, and haunting vocals to create a noise-filled album sure to catch any listener. Starting the album off, the title track “Twin Plagues” throws the listener into an ominous, eerie environment. Slowly building momentum through the layers of fuzzy distorted guitars and lead singer Karly Hartzman’s emotion-filled vocals instantly give the listener a taste of what the album has […]

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The art is a blue background with white figures over it and white text saying "Moontype"


Moontype: Bodies of Water Album Review

By Victor Guevara Music Journalist The debut album from the Chicago trio, Moontype, is deliciously fun and well made. As a pop-punk-folk fusion, the album gives the listener tastes of spunky punk, misty ballads, and rock breaks all wrapped together to create a warm, yet brilliant carefree record. Opening the record with tracks like “Anti-Divinity,” “Your Mom,” and “About You,” feels like the overture of the record, easily presenting to the readers the essential golden points the band has to […]

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Screenshot taken from zoom interview with Jordan Gass-Poore

Web Content

Mass Comm Week: TXST Alumna Talks About her Experience as CNN Podcast Producer and Freelance Journalist

By Rachael Gerron Web Content Contributor Mass Comm Week is an annual conference hosted by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) at Texas State University that aims to connect current students with professionals in the field of mass communication. SJMC Alumna Jordan Gass-Poore spoke to students on Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021, about how her degree in Electronic Media at Texas State prepared her for her career, including her current position as a producer for CNN's podcast, Chasing Life […]

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A red album cover that is an illustration of a heart with pink and purple flowers blooming from the top.


Album Review: Turbulent Heart – Hein Cooper

By Isaiah Gatlin Music Journalist Pop artist Hein Cooper, who gained popularity with his hit song "Rusty," strays away from his indie-pop roots in his newest EP Turbulent Heart. Released on August 13, 2021, Turbulent Heart's strong suit is its chronological storytelling. Though the heavy acoustic melodies are replaced by pop electronic beats on the EP, Cooper's storytelling remains strong alongside his catchy pop harmonies. The EP follows the journey of a romantic relationship gone bad. This story's progression is […]

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A design of a theater with a yellow skull, popcorn, and the words "Good Bad Movies"


Good Bad Movies Ep 42: Trick ‘r Treat

By Adam Snydar Podcast Manager Good Bad Movies is the podcast about films that might not be winning any love from critics but are great in their own special way. Hosts Adam Snydar and Adrian Lopez review and rave over movies that might not be traditionally ‘good’ but are still beloved and worth a watch. In this episode, Adam and Adrian talk about Trick 'r Treat, a 2007 Halloween anthology sure to get anyone in the mood for the spooky […]

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Bookshelf filled with various multicolored novels in store filled to the brim.


Creating Better Habits

By Melanie Salazar Web Content Contributor It seems there is a similarity in the aspects people advise to add or strip from your life to create a healthier one: managing your time better. According to an article published by Healthline, “it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days for a person to form a new habit,” so consistency is necessary. A lot of people claim to be too busy or tired to incorporate new and helpful habits into their […]

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A young feminine person standing and looking down at the ground, in the middle of a room of CDs and records that is the background.


Artist Interview: Ani Ces

By Anna Keyser Music Journalist  Creativity and passion combined barely begin to describe the person behind the music of Ani Ces. Ani Ces is the solo project of the queer, Chicanx artist Ani V Garces. Their music is refreshing and nostalgic at the same time, and I was excited to finally meet and conversate with them about their young musical journey. Everything from Garces' solo project is produced solely by them down to the album art. It is rare to […]

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An extreme close-up of a woman wearing sunglasses. The cover is drawn in pastel, pop art style that is signature to the Grand Theft Auto series.


How the Radio Stations of Grand Theft Auto V Changed the Way I Listen to Music

By Jared Dudley Music Journalist The sun sets on another picturesque day in the city. You cruise down the highway in a “borrowed” convertible sports car, trying to tune out the roar of the engine by listening intently to the radio. The on-air DJ is hip-hop producer Flying Lotus, and he’s gushing about the Tyler, The Creator song that just played. It’s a name you haven’t heard of before, but you make a note to look them up later tonight. […]

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Solid black background with a center image of Virginia Alves, wearing a black jacket, pink shirt, long brown hair, and wearing white earbuds. Behind her is a solid white background. In the bottom left corner is the Facebook symbol (blue with a white lowercase f), then the top left corner is the YouTube symbol (red with a white square and a sideways red triangle), the top right corner is the Twitter symbol (blue square with a white bird), and the bottom right corner is the Instagram symbol (ombre purple/pink/yellow background with white outline of a camera).


Mass Comm Week 2021: Virginia Alves and “What’s NEXT in Social Media”

By Allison Schroeder Web Content Assistant Manager Virginia Alves, a Texas State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication alumna, has seen great success in her career. Alves graduated from Texas State in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in public relations with a concentration in digital media. She wishes that she could have majored in DMI (digital media innovation), but has seen a benefit from her public relations background. “Public relations was great and I think it was […]

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