Denzel Curry is illuminated by blue and purple lights while he raps for the crowd. The crowds hands and phones can be seen at the bottom outstretched towards Curry.

Concert Review

Concert Review: Denzel Curry Melts Eyez at 713 Music Hall

By Kenlie Golleher Rap Music Director Earlier this year, Florida rapper Denzel Curry released his highly anticipated fifth studio album Melt My Eyez See Your Future, an introspective record that Curry himself described as “the end of an era”. Curry finds himself moving past his previous alter egos and bodies of work and instead embraces his authentic self. "I'm not trying to be Zeltron. I'm not trying to be Aquarius Killa. I'm not trying to be Raven Miyagi,” said Curry. […]

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This image is of Councilman Baker sitting in a massage studio.


Interview with San Marcos City Councilman Maxfield Baker

http:// By Jordan Young Web Content Director In the inaugural episode of the KTSW's news department interview podcast; Web Content Director Jordan Young spoke with San Marcos city council member for place 1, Maxfield Baker. We discussed the #Protecttheriver movement, the backstory on the newly approved film studio, and more. Featured Image by KTSW News

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Black converse shoes with two paper American Apparel bags between the two shoes. The bag and shoes are on concrete.


A Musical Guide to the 2014 Tumblr Aesthetic

Sofia Gualy Music Journalist Earlier this month, my friends threw me a 2014 Tumblr-themed birthday party. Throat full of chokers, American Apparel clothing, and band tees, this party was a dream for people like me who were extremely invested in this aesthetic. The playlist we created ended up being over nine hours long including Halsey, The 1975, and Arctic Monkeys. Listed below for your pleasure are the quintessential albums to add to your nostalgic 2014 Tumblr playlists. The 1975 by The […]

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Three young children, all at different ages, take a holiday picture with Santa Clause. Standing to the far right, one girl with short dark hair is dressed in pink and white. Next to her, another young girl is seen dressed in pink and brown clothing. A baby dressed in a red and white Santa Clause outfit sits next to the girl in the middle, being held by the man in the Santa Clause outfit.

Web Content

Being Biracial in a One Race Society

By Amaya Lewis Web Content Contributor In society, when people first look at or meet one another, most people form a conclusive judgment within the first few seconds of interaction. For me, I know that feeling well. As a biracial American mixed with black and white, my darker complexion makes me an easy target against racial prejudice. When people look at me, they don’t see me, but rather my skin color; they see my pigment as a representation of everyone […]

todayJune 27, 2022 108 10 2


U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, makes way for Texas ban

By Preethi Mangadu & Jordan Young   Chief Editor of News & Web Content Director  Updated: 7:54 pm On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade, meaning that there is no longer constitutional protection for abortions.    In 1973, Roe v. Wade ruled a set of Texas statutes that criminalized abortion as a violation of a woman’s constitutional right to privacy and set a precedent for laws limiting abortion access. Furthermore, the court established that abortions could be […]

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Players in maroon and white gather up around home plate.


2021-2022 Texas State Softball Season Recap

By Justin Brown Sports Reporter The Texas State Softball team played the final game of their season on May 14th, 2022; they suffered a 1-7 loss against the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns. The Bobcats finished the season 38-19 overall and 19-8 in the Sunbelt. To truly understand in better detail how this season ended this way we must look into different aspects of the team as a whole. This season fans saw the right-handed sophomore starting pitcher Jessica Mullins threw a […]

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A street in a well-kept suburban neighborhood taken at sunset. The colors in the sky blend between a pale orange, a pale pink and light blue with few clouds. There are cars or trucks in every driveway and there is a silver car parked on the right side of the road. Each yard also has a tree taller than the houses. On the right side of road, there is a boy in a red shirt on the sidewalk walking away from the camera.

Web Content

The Unexpected Perk of Staying with Your Parents

By Celeste Parler Web Content Contributor If you aren’t working a summer job in San Marcos or taking in-person summer classes, then chances are that you are reading this from your hometown. It’s something students don’t typically anticipate with excitement. And I can’t blame anyone for not liking moving back in with your parents for the summer. The reason may not have anything to do with your parents. Most of my friends hate their hometowns because there’s nothing for college […]

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McKenna Wells along with other Emo Nite attendees singing along the front of the main stage. Blue and red stage lights are shining in front and behind them.

Concert Review

Wishing Every Night Was Emo Nite: Emo Nite @ Empire Garage

Mckenna Wells Assistant Music Director As someone who frequents the events put on by Emo Nite, I was stoked to hear that they reached out to KTSW about their party at Empire Garage in Austin. Emo Nite started in 2014 when Morgan Freed and T.J. Petracca threw their first party in Los Angeles playing all the classic emo anthems. They called it a celebration, bringing a happy community together over music they listened to when they were sad and alone. […]

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4 band members stand in a line playing the guitar and bass. The stage is lit with purple lights. They all stand behind microphones. A projector displaying the band name “Disq” is at the back of the stage.

Concert Review

Concert Review: Greer with Disq

By Clara Blankenship Music Journalist Concert audiences usually come to see their favorite band perform, unaware of the members’ personalities or external lives. However, for Greer, their fame extends beyond music. Greer is a band consisting of lead singer Josiah, guitarist Corbin Jacques, bassist Seth Thomson, and drummer Lucas Ovalle. Their music quickly rose to popularity due to their past individual internet virality, as well as; Josiah and Lucas’ connection to Youtuber and internet personality Drew Phillips. The band was […]

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