An cartoon style illustration of Persephone and Hades is shown. Persephone has light green skin, pink hair, and a light pink dress. Hades has grey skin, blue hair, and light grey blue toga. The two are facing each other, and Persephone has her hand on Hades’s neck. The background is a smog with greys, blacks, pink, and light yellow.


Persephone, Hades, and The Autumn Equinox

By Preethi Mangadu Web Content Contributor The Autumn Equinox is approaching on Sept. 22nd. This day is known as the start of fall, but it was symbolic of many things in the past. The Autumn Equinox was commonly used to celebrate the summer’s harvest as seen in harvest festivals in Great Britain, the Moon festival in many East and Southeast Asian countries, Mabon in Neopagan practices, and more. However, other celebrations focus on spirits, gods, and mythologies such as Higan […]

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The band Carpet Burn in a Zoom call


Carpet Burn on Their Sound, San Marcos & What’s Next for the Band

By Marcus Brooks Music Journalist Carpet Burn has been a bright spot in the San Marcos music scene since they first formed back in 2019, but now they’re all graduated from Texas State and on the verge of a big move. I sat down with Evan Hays (vocals, lead guitar), Willa Fossum (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jackson Cosgrove (bass), and Christian Haddad (drums) over Zoom and picked their brains on all things Carpet Burn. Keep reading to learn where the name […]

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A picture of a student sitting on a couch with a bottle of water in one hand, looking to the side and smiling.


Three Tips for Being Sober in College

By Autumn McGowan Web Content Contributor College is a time of discovery. For many students, it is the first time they really get to feel independent and free to make their own choices. It’s a beautiful and defining period in any person’s life, and can be interesting to navigate as we figure out what works for us and what doesn’t. If you’re like me, you may be considering or have decided to stay sober during your college experience for one […]

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The front side of Beretta hall, with a tree on the top half and sign on the bottom left.


Resident Assistants Remain Concerned about COVID-19

By Jordan Young News Reporter As Coronavirus numbers across the state continue to fall from the record-breaking surge, Texas surpassed the harrowing number of 60,000 Covid related deaths. A grim reminder of how deadly the virus is and why communities, such as Texas State, should continue to be vigilant. However, many feel that the Department of Housing and Residential Life (DHRL) and Texas State are no longer proactive on covid. The safety of residents and resident assistants (RA) is a […]

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A poster for the Austin City Limits Music Festival for 2021. It lists the dates of both weekends and shows the landscape of Zilker Park.

Austin City Limits

Underrated Performers Attending ACL 2021

By Cassidy Segovia Music Journalist With the beloved Austin City Limits Music Festival just around the corner, it is normal to start preparing by listening to headliners weeks in advance. Popular artists such as Tyler, The Creator, Miley Cyrus, and Billie Eilish are set to perform at the festival, but a lot of other underrated artists are performing throughout the weekend as well. If you are looking for some fresh and new artists to explore while attending ACL, look no […]

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Christelle Bofale onstage singing and playing guitar for a large crowd at the Molly Burch Romantic Images record release show at Mohawk in Austin, Texas.


Molly Burch Throws a Spectacular Record Release for Her New Album Romantic Images

By Samantha Oesch Music Journalist Indie-pop Austinite, Molly Burch, had a firecracker of a record release show for her new album Romantic Images at the Mohawk in the Red River Cultural District on Saturday, September 18th. Resound Presents made the night possible by creating a safe, outdoor environment by requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours. With local support from Christelle Bofale and Cynthia Lee Fontaine of Rupaul’s Drag Race, the night was jam-packed with […]

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A painting of the band leader 26, holding a cat in front of a surreal pond setting.


26 Bats!: Portal Party Album Review

By Christian Villarreal Music Journalist There are very few albums out in the world that have their own sound so unique that it makes you question the genre entirely. 26 Bats!’s album Portal Party is an album that pushes the boundaries of genre while creating its own signature sound. Portal Party is not just a collection of low-fi indie songs, it pushes against the rigid boundaries of genre and establishes its own identity. The 16 song album starts off with […]

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San Marcos High School football player in a black shirt and purple helmet throws through a pass

Football - San Marcos High School

Cavaliers’ Defense Holds Rattlers’ Offense Scoreless

By Jacob Aromy Sports Reporter Bo Edmundson, junior quarterback for Lake Travis, threw for 159 yards and one touchdown Friday in a blowout win against the Rattlers in San Marcos. After the 45-6 victory, the Cavaliers are now 3-1 on the season, while the Rattlers fall to 1-3 going into their bye week. Rattlers’ quarterback, Isaiah DeLeon was held to only four completions for 80 yards and an interception. The running game wasn't much better for San Marcos as their […]

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Photo of various stickers organized in a collage on a table. Stickers include from left to right The Lady With an Ermine by Da Vinci, illustrated portraits of classic artists, a purple planet resembling Saturn, a blue heart Apple emoji, a line drawing of a lotus flower, The Scream by Munch, a marble bust of Medusa, Mona Lisa by Da Vinci, an illustrated human brain with roses, a Super Bowl shark, a golden illustration of the Texas State Honors College, Arles Sunflowers by Van Gogh, blue text reading “yikes” with three exclamation points, a lightning bold with text reading “boom”, a white bulldog with a painted pink lightning bolt on its face in front of a blue lightning bolt, a circle portrait of The Birth of Venus by Botticelli with roses underneath, Self Portrait by Van Gogh, a Blue Morpho Butterfly, a greyscale circle sticker reading “George Bailey” with character from It’s a Wonderful Life, open mouth with red lips inside reading “love and joy” and Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer.


Having Sticker-Envy? A Guide to Decorating Your Laptop

By Celeste Parler  Web Content Contributor Showing up to class on the first day and feeling out of place seeing everyone with their decorated laptops is something I don’t ever want to experience again. Your laptop is undoubtedly one of the most important things to have in your backpack. That’s why it’s so important to express yourself in class with how you decorate your laptop. And the perfect way to do that is with stickers. Stickers let everyone know your […]

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