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A laptop screen on the google search page. The search bar says “what to do this summer without an internship” and the fingers of the person searching it are on the keyboard towards the bottom right corner of the picture.


No summer internship? No problem!

Mikayla Anding Web Content Contributor Summertime for college students looks like many different things. It could look like going on trips with friends and family, working a job to save up for next year’s school expenses, or, of course, having an internship hopefully pertaining to your major. With the competitive atmosphere we students face to find jobs and internships, maybe not everyone has been so lucky to get their dream […]

todayMay 13, 2022 43

A young Caucasian woman, wearing a light grey sweatshirt is writing in the journal and soft smiling. The journal and pen is focused in the picture but the girls face and background of the picture are blurry. Only her nose, mouth, and lower part of her eyes are showing.


The Importance of Silence

By Mikayla Anding Web Content Contributor “If you cannot be in a silent room for an hour by yourself, there’s a problem.” Tough words. I’ve heard this phrase a few times when talking with my friends about giving ourselves time to rest and a break from the busyness we have become so accustomed to. In this day and age, we are consumed by constant entertainment, tasks to get done, and […]

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An imessage sent to someone in a blue chat box, saying "Did you hear about what happened at the Oscars Sunday??!!" The text is highlighted, so the reaction buttons are above the imessage in a grey column.


Discussing the Oscars Incident

By Mikayla Anding Web Content Contributor It’s been all over social media since Monday. We’ve all talked about it with our friends. We know more about this incident than what’s going on in Ukraine. Yes, when Will Smith smacked the *bleep* out of Chris Rock at the Oscars. This incident rocked our world somehow, as many conversations between friends this week turned into deep analyses over it. “Whose side are […]

todayApril 1, 2022 26

Six young women together smiling at the camera in front of a castle in Disney World, which is light pink and blue. The sky is slightly cloudy, but it is sunny. From left to right: a Caucasian girl with blonde hair in a ponytail wearing a blue tank top, black leggings and pink sparkly mickey ears, a Hispanic girl with dark brown hair in a ponytail wearing a light purple tank top, a black fanny pack that says “SQUAD” on it in gold letters, jean shorts, and gold and red mickey ears, a Caucasian girl with blonde hair wearing a white cap, white tank top, and black leggings, a Caucasian girl with brown curly hair wearing gold and red mickey ears, a purple tank top, a black fanny pack with the word “SQUAD” printed with gold letters, and jean shorts, a Caucasian girl with blonde hair wearing black and purple mickey ears, a green tank top, a black fanny pack, and jean shorts, a Caucasian girl with dirty blonde hair in a ponytail wearing red and black mickey ears, a purple tank top, a pink fanny pack, and a white tennis skirt.

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The Strutters Represent Texas State in Florida

By Mikayla Anding Web Content Contributor The Texas State University Strutters visited Florida to perform at Disney World for its 50th anniversary and the Sunbelt Conference Championships to support our bobcats the week of Feb. 27.  The Strutters have been known to travel the world for performances. Just two years ago, the Strutters opened the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. Last year, the team was unable to travel […]

todayMarch 16, 2022 61

Photo is taken from a high window. In the window, there are curvy wooden lines. What is outside the window is a bird’s eye view of Texas State University. There are a lot of trees and buildings with red rooftops. In the middle of the view is a large university building with cream-colored bricks and a red rooftop. Behind that building is a tall apartment building that is white with yellow squares on the left side of it and windows spaced out throughout the building. The sky in the picture is very cloudy and grey but there is some sunlight peeking out of the clouds.


Best Study Spots on Campus

By Mikayla Anding Web Content Contributor In-person classes mean staying on campus almost all day with breaks to study. If you’re like me, you enjoy finding new spots to study to change it up occasionally. Our campus is huge and there are plenty of little nooks and areas to study that you may not have tried or even heard of.  I asked around to my friends what their favorite places […]

todayMarch 3, 2022 45 2

A grey North Face backpack with pink accents on the side and a KTSW black and white button on the middle of it is on the left side of the picture. On the right, there is a small white board that has “13th grade” written on it. Both of these items are on the ground which is brown and in front of a door which is cream colored.


Dear Freshmen

By Mikayla Anding Web Content Contributor It's the beginning of the second semester this school year, so I'm sure you are all well-adjusted to the college life. Many memories have probably already been made. You know how to get to places on campus, and you know which dining halls have the best food, etc.  Although, I'm sure many of you would not mind having a few pieces of advice going […]

todayFebruary 17, 2022 39 1

From right to left and up to down: black and white clapper board, open facing right, popcorn with red and white popcorn box, Redeeming Love novel cover that says "the classic story that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide" with the title and the author's name which is Francine Rivers, at the bottom it says New York Times Bestselling Author, and there's a picture of a woman in a long red dress with shoulder sleeves, black and white film, and red and blue cinema tickets. The background and book cover are both a grey-blue color.


Redeeming Love Movie Review

By Mikayla Anding Web Content Contributor A new film called "Redeeming Love" was released to theaters on January 21 this year. An adaptation of the novel by Francine Rivers, this film was nothing short of wonderful, in my opinion. It was amazing to see it on the big screen after reading the book just last year. The novel and film can be categorized as romance, historical fiction, and biblical fiction. […]

todayFebruary 5, 2022 37 2

A blue floor with orange weights and a notebook with "2022" written on it


Why Do We Have New Year’s Resolutions? 

By Mikayla Anding Web Content Contributor “New Year, new me,” right? It is now that time of year when we get to hear and see variations of this phrase everywhere. As I considered making my own list of resolutions for 2022, I wondered why we make New Year’s resolutions? And what should mine be this year? After looking into the cause of this widespread tradition, I gained a better understanding […]

todayJanuary 6, 2022 119 2

The building of the Outdoor Center, where students can show up to grab a rental


Not Everything in Sewell is Closed

By Mikayla Anding Community Outreach Coordinator Many students make use of our San Marcos river by swimming, paddle boarding and many other water activities. Though Sewell Park remains closed, the campus Outdoor Center, located just next to the park, is still open and available for your outdoor and river needs! I had the chance to interview one of the Outdoor Center’s employees, Syndey Walker, to learn more about what the […]

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