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Jimi Hendrix shown with Stratocaster guitar, shirtless


Why People Say Jimi Hendrix is the Greatest

Paris FosterMusic journalist  Jimi Hendrix is commonly cited as the greatest guitarist to walk the earth. While many musicians, critics, and magazines echo this claim, Hendrix’s greatness is also one of the most contested.  Prince himself said that “Santana played prettier” when asked who influenced him more between the two guitar heros. Additionally, Hendrix’s musical education is commonly seen as a weakness in which he learned to play a very […]

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A women looking through Records


A Few Good Sources of Music

By Paris FosterMusic Journalist Finding yourself listening to an endless loop of the same artists is a common slump that many people encounter. While it is nice coming back to your bread and butter tunes every now and then, it is best to broaden one’s tastes through new and exciting music. Although, many will argue there is little to no good new music out there, this simply is not true. […]

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stone wall pictured. The stones are coated with moss.


What Exactly is a Rolling Stone?

By Paris FosterMusic Journalist Many music fans are probably familiar with the popular rock group “The Rolling Stones”, and the popular “Rolling Stone” magazine, and even the numerous songs on the subject of “Rolling Stones,” but it’s more than likely that fans do not know what a Rolling Stone is. The term is uncommon in day-to-day conversation. at first glance it’s not very important-sounding, and it is sparsely heard in […]

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Silk Sonic cover photo for “Leave the Door Open” debut single. Pictured is Bruno Mars left and Anderson Paak right.


The Beginning of Silk Sonic

By Paris FosterMusic Journalist During the 63rd annual Grammy award ceremonies, the world was given a sample of the new R&B super-mega-ultra group that is, Silk Sonic. Fronted by maestros Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, Silk Sonic arose through the duo's growing friendship during Mars’ 24k Magic Tour back in 2017. Paak opened for the tour, and the couple quickly sported chemistry due to their similar tastes in music and […]

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The beatles 8th studio album cover, featuring the Beatles and many interesting characters in row formation


Breakdown of The Sgt Pepper’s Album Cover

By Paris FosterMusic Journalist Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was The Beatles’ eighth studio album and was released on May 26th, 1967. As a precursor to the youth movement known as the Summer of Love, this album explored many psychedelic themes continuing from their last acclaimed album, Revolver. A full breakdown of this incredibly influential album would stretch through far too many pages appropriate for an article, so instead, […]

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the cover is a psychedelic photograph of subatomic particles in a bubble chamber


The Strokes: Is This It Album Review

By Paris FosterMusic Journalist In the early 2000s, a figure hung around the streets of New York City smoking cigarettes and drinking 40s. With two glazed eyes, unkempt hair, and a post-punk leather jacket, this individual represented The Strokes. Everyone wanted to be one…. Arguably the most important plural indie rock band of their time, (i.e The White Stripes, The Killers, The Arctic Monkeys, etc.) The Strokes obtained much of […]

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