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I took this photo as I was spending time at sewell park.

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10 Easy Ways to Help Keep the San Marcos River Clean

By Daniel Richter Web Content Contributor San Marcos’ pride and joy is the San Marcos River.  If we as a community don’t do our part to make sure it stays clean, there would be nothing to enjoy. Check out these 10 tips on how you can do your part to keep our river clean. 1. Pick up after your pets Your doggy’s doo doo carries bacteria that can be harmful to […]

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The volunteers are posing next to a pile of trash on a trailer.


San Marcos Hotspot Street Sweep

By Juan Garcia Junior News Reporter San Marcos is committing to keeping the rivers clean. Volunteers met on Saturday for the first-ever quarterly Hotspot Street Sweep in the Blanco Gardens neighborhood of San Marcos. Every three months, a team of volunteers goes to a neighborhood in San Marcos to clean trash off the street before it drains into the rivers. Sara Lee Underwood-Myers, the president of the Council of Neighborhood […]

todayFebruary 11, 2019 56


Earth Day in Photos

By Caitlin Ramsey Photojournalist In honor of Earth Day I ventured out to the San Marcos River and immersed myself into nature. With my camera to my eye I captured some of the scenery I had the pleasure of spending my time in. This scenery includes areas around Stokes Park, which is just one of the many great outdoor hangout spots that San Marcos has to offer. Being surrounded by […]

todayApril 22, 2018 12

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Grads, Please Stop Glittering

By Claire Hansen Blog Content Contributor Most of you reading this probably already know what I am going to say, but I am going to say it again, simply because I believe it is important and has been made clear to me over the last couple weeks that not enough people are listening. I'd be pretty surprised if you had not seen this around campus already, but, in case you did […]

todayNovember 23, 2017

Float Fest

Concert Review: MGMT at Float Fest

By Brooke Vega Music Journalist It is the band most people listened to at some point in their teenage years, MGMT. When the Time To Pretend EP came out in 2005 with the hits “Kids” and “Time To Pretend,” MGMT caught a lot of people’s attention. The psychedelic band definitely brought the psychedelia to life on stage. The fact that MGMT never really comes to Texas made the show even […]

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Other Side Drive Welcomes in Colleen Cook To Talk About the Annual Great Texas River Cleanup

By Matthew Harrington Other Side Drive Executive Producer It’s no secret that the San Marcos River is the city’s sparkling gem, but what some people don’t realize is that the river and it’s inhabitants are threatened by pollution caused by runoff. On March 4th, during the 32nd Annual Great Texas River Cleanup, hundreds of San Martians will be volunteering to clean up the river and several watersheds. Kimberly and Matthew […]

todayMarch 7, 2017 24


Community Members Take Action Against Float Fest’s Alleged River Abuse

By Clayton Kelley Assistant News Director UPDATED: 7/29/2016 With a record breaking attendance averaging over ten thousand people, Float Fest is becoming a trademark music festival for the city of San Marcos, causing some residents to become skeptical of the trash that is being left behind. Members of groups such as the Eyes of the San Marcos River are expressing their grievances towards this issue on social media, including the […]

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