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The image features Jane Fitzsimmons and Ian Jones doing a prom pose on a white couch. Behind them is a white banner with the words Austin City Music Fest in black.


ACL: An Interview with Twen

By Maddy Lehr Last weekend, I had the absolute honor of speaking with one of my favorite bands, Twen. Just a few months ago, they released their sophomore album, One Stop Shop. Avery, another assistant music director, and I sat down with Jane Fitzsimmons and Ian Jones to talk about the new album. Maddy: How was the band formed? Jane: We both went to school in Boston, and we were […]

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Profile of Haley Dahl.


ACL 2022: Sloppy Jane’s Haley Dahl Paints with her Personal Palette

By Ashley Farnie Assistant Music Director My disappointment in ACL’s lineup this year was resolved with the announcement of Sloppy Jane’s set scheduled for Weekend 2. I was excited to see the band on a smaller stage after seeing the band perform at Mohawk in March and the Moody Amphitheatre in May supporting Phoebe Bridgers. The intimacy allotted by festival settings allows for casual viewings of lower-profile artists. At the […]

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“BMI Austin Parks Foundation presents Austin City Limits Music Festival 2022. October 07-09, October 14-16.” Blue triangles and pink and orange circles decorate the graphic.

Concert Review

Coming Up: ACL Weekend 2 2022

By Ashley Farnie Assistant Music Director We are in the midst of ACL season here in central Texas! Many traveling to Austin will fall in love with our city and contribute to the city’s overcrowding and housing crisis. But let’s focus on the festival… This will be my second time attending ACL. I attended in 2019 and have since been to festivals of varying degrees, molding my opinion of the […]

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Austin sky line


The Other Side of Fun Fun Fun Fest

Video shot by KTSW Press Team, edited by Brittany Robinson KTSW Music staff went to this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX. Here is Brittany Robinson's perspective on the festival. #mysideofradio

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Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015: Wild Ones on Touring, Their Sound and Netflix and Chill

By Kasandra Garza News Reporter Fun Fun Fun Fest is especially known for its way to bring unknown bands to the forefront by giving them a platform to get their name out. This is especially true for the band Wild Ones, who performed before Sarah Jaffe. Wild Ones began with Danielle and Thomas, who both went to high school together. Throughout college, the two were members of several bands. Wild […]

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Photo by Kasandra Garza


Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015: Sarah Jaffe on Touring, Her Deathbed Playlist and Her Music

By Kasandra Garza News Reporter This year’s 2015 Fun Fun Fun Fest included comedian Eric Andre, the band CHVRCHES and skateboarding. However, some of the best performances were saved for Nites at small venues in Austin. One of the must-see artists performing at Fun Fun Fun Fest was Texas native Sarah Jaffe. Sarah Jaffe is an experimental singer who has platinum blonde hair, has to watch Shawshank Redemption every time […]

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fun fun fun fwest crowd


Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015: Ringo Deathstarr Interview

by Troy Burke KTSW Music Reviewer During Fun Fun Fun Fest, Ringo Deathstarr sat down with me backstage to talk about the important things in life like having children, opening up for Jane’s Addiction and what they think will happen to Red River in Austin.   Troy: A lot of times when I read about you guys, y’all get compared with shoegaze. Shoegaze is just a word that is attached […]

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FFF art


Five Weirdest Band Names at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015

KTSW Music Staff By: Janelle Abad Band Name: Potato Pirates Where they're from: Denver, CO When/Where they play: Fun Fun Fun Fest Nites / Sidewinder on Friday, November 6th at 11:15 p.m. Nothing is more threatening to carbs. Combine carbs and swashbuckling and you have the band name Potato Pirates. The self proclaimed “Denver Ponx” have been thrashing around the punk scene for over 20 years and have shared the […]

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