About KTSW 89.9

Video shot and edited by Geoffrey King.

KTSW 89.9 is a student-run, noncommercial radio station at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. We have students of all majors working in a variety of departments that make KTSW a source of quality on-air and online content.

Primarily, we spin college rock, serving an eclectic mix of garage and psych rock, indie synth pop thrown in the mix. Our format relies on the music flourishing in our local scene. It’s the raw, deep tracks of albums and a bit rough around the edges. Our diverse love for music expands our selection. The hosts of the Cypher give you the best of underground hip-hop and Mr. San Marvelous brings the best of swing, just to name a few. If you’re looking for the best in up-and-coming live music in San Marcos, check out one of our three monthly showcases held during the fall and spring semesters. More information on shows and concerts can be found on on the events tab on our Facebook page.

Photo by Erica Fuchs.
Rock Your Chakras brings yoga and music together right by the beautiful San Marcos river. Photo by Erica Fuchs.

Here at KTSW, we strive to serve the San Marcos community. Other Side Drive brings in local organizations for on-air interviews and local artists for in-studio performances. Our news department keeps you up-to-date on issues affecting the San Marcos and surrounding communities, while sports reporters work closely with the San Marcos High School Rattlers to celebrate their wins, analyze their losses and visit the practices in between.

In 2008, our homegrown two-day festival, MR Fest (My Radio Fest) was created. KTSW and MR Fest’s mascot, Otis, bring together local and regional artists, musicians and vendors in downtown San Marcos to showcase local talent and bring the San Marcos community together. In just four years, MR Fest grew from entertaining 200 fans to almost 1,000. 2017 will be MR Fest’s 10th anniversary, and we’re celebrating by expanding MR Fest to 10 venues across the Square.

Video shot and edited by Geoffrey King.

At the very core of our organization, we are a learning lab for students at Texas State University. KTSW has 14 different departments in order to give students as many learning opportunities as possible. Through KTSW, students have the opportunity to: build their voice by being a DJ, build their press credentials by covering festivals (such as Austin City Limits, South by Southwest, Sound on Sound and Float Fest), edit audio and video with the production and multimedia departments, report from the sideline of Bobcat athletic games for the sports department, help maintain KTSW’s voice on our social media accounts, gain leadership skills by becoming a director and so much more.

As we continue to grow as students and as media professionals, we are constantly thankful for the opportunities that Texas State University, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and our faculty advisor, Dan Schumacher, offer us. While we are proud of the work that we produce, we strive to better ourselves and better our station everyday. We hope that you enjoy KTSW 89.9 as much as we enjoy being a part of it.