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Hero Worship – Super-Powered Television Makes The Bucks

By Jason McCall Segment Producer Comic books and movies have always been two mediums that go together like bacon and eggs. If the character works on the pages, it stands to reason that it’ll work on the big screen. While comic book films have made a huge rise over the decades, you may have realized the same thing happening on your TV too. Over the past few years there have […]

todayDecember 20, 2014 31

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Hero Worship – The Mutant Menace: A Mirror for Reality

By Jason McCall Segment Producer Imagine a world separated by bigotry. A world where different factions of society choose to alienate others based on characteristics they have no control over. This was all too real for members of the African-American community 50 years ago. The Civil Rights Movement of 1964 is a crucial part of our own history -- and for comic book history as well. After all, at the […]

todayNovember 5, 2014 39

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Hero Worship – ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’

By Jason McCall Segment Producer   Although the superhero film genre has been around for quite sometime, there’s never been a truly successful formula for a good superhero flick. Some movies, like “The Dark Knight,” find success with a much darker and grittier attitude, while others rely on well-placed comedic timing to win over fans. Then there are the films that should never have been made. I’m looking at you, […]

todayOctober 14, 2014 46

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Hero Worship – Tim Burton’s Batman Turns 25, Fans Start To Feel Old

By Jason McCall Segment Producer In 1989 something very special happened. No, I'm not referring to the fact that Michael Jordan scored his 10,000 point in the NBA. I'm referring to the release of a comic book movie that changed the game for a certain famous character. That's right, I'm talking about Batman. On June 23, 1989, the Tim Burton film “Batman” was released in theaters and was widely loved. […]

todaySeptember 30, 2014 93


Hero Worship: Toy Sales Trump Valuable Lesson

One of the greatest things about comics has been their ability to be adapted in different ways. There are the comics, the movies, and the television shows. Although some shows are intended for mature audiences, most superhero sitcoms are produced to teach the youth of today valuable lessons every week. Unfortunately, even in the realm of comic book fiction, some shows are cancelled due to the message they send. Click […]

todayJuly 15, 2014 57


Hero Worship: X-MEN Redux

Since the comic book genre first broke out onto film, there has always been a demand for a certain level of realism and continuity. After all, when you're talking about a genre where most characters receive powers from being bitten by something radioactive, you need to make it realistic. Hero Worship with Jason McCall: Episode 1 full download   Although Bryan Singer's X-Men franchise may have been one of the […]

todayJune 24, 2014 48

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