Third Thursday @ Triple Crown

Flyer for Third Thursday

By Valerie Gomez
KTSW Photo/Video Blogger

On the third Thursday of every month, KTSW puts on a little something called Third Thursday. It’s a free show with great line-ups, free pizza and it’s overall a grand ol’ time. Back in September, Third Thursday showcased the talents of The Sweet Nuthin’, Dovetail, and The Couch and the event was part of KTSW Promotions’ Fun Fun Fun Fest Ticket Giveaway. The other two puzzle pieces were given out at our Lunchbox Concert at the beginning of September (expect a video/post about our Lunchbox concert series soon!) and during College Radio Day.

This most recent Third Thursday included the announcement of the FFF Fest ticket giveaway winner, Tiffany Rolan! Congratulations, Tiffany!


We also got to enjoy the sweet sounds of My Empty Phantom, SuperLiteBike, and Megafauna.

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