Witliff entrance

Newscast: Wittliff Collections

Wittliff Entrance
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The Wittliff Collections’ main mission is to collect and preserve the creative legacy of the Southwest. Through the acquisition of works of the Southwest’s literature, film, music and photography the Wittliff Collections hope to foster “the spirit of place” in the wider world.

Right now the Wittliff Collections have a photography exhibition by the Mexican artist, Manuel Alvarez, which took twenty years to put together. The Media Relations and Publications Specialist for the Wittliff Collections, Michele Miller, talks about the importance of the exhibition.

“We opened our first ever exhibition of prints, of graphic prints, by the number one premier photographer in Mexico, sort of the founder of modern photography in Mexico, Manuel Alvarez Bravo and we are super proud of that show,” Miller said.

“It is fifty-one prints, we’ve been collecting his work for 20 years and we finally have enough to put a very major and significant show that’s probably world class, I would say. Something for all students to be super, super proud of.”
– Michele Miller

Brenda Maya, KTSW News.

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