Musical Defenders of Austin Fuse Electronic and Rock Elements

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Written by Connor Markey
On-Air Talent: Brandon Henderson
Edited by Zoe Kaiser

Click here for the full interview with Knights

Previously on Other Side Drive, your host Brandon had Knights in the studio for an acoustic set! This progressive rock/pop trio hails from Austin, Texas and will be playing KTSW’s Mr Fest this April! Knights consist of Nick Longoria on vocals, piano and guitar, Joseph Longoria on Bass, and Casey Etienne on drums (or, in this case, the tambourine!).

Brandon and the group kicked back and talked about their sound and musical influences, which range from rock/rap, like Rage Against the Machine, to film composer Hans Zimmer. They also discussed playing live shows vs. in the studio, KTSW’s Mr Fest, and possible upcoming projects!

In the last five years, Knights has gained a major fan following in Texas after playing numerous live shows and releasing their EP, Age Of Revolution. In October they released their first full-length album, Dark Matter, from which they played three songs for us: “Protostar,” “Celeritas,” and “Doomsday.”

Brandon had fun with these talented musicians as they blew our minds with their unique blend of classical yet hard rocking jams. Combined with Nick’s powerful vocals, Knights have an undeniably epic sound.

For more information about their music and tour dates, you can check out Knights on their webpage.

Click here to find Knights on Facebook.

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