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Ogden Payne & Isaac Haze

Ogden Payne
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Austin MC Ogden Payne and his producer, hype-man and audio engineer Issac Haze dropped by Other Side Drive to talk summertime, life lessons and  the current state of Austin hip hop. So what is going on in Austin’s hip hop scene, you ask? Well according to Ogden the scene is still small but making a sound all it’s own infused with local Austin flair. Ogden notes that unlike other Texas cities ,say Houston, Austin is still looking for the sound that would define the hip hop community. However, the duo see that as a positive thing and take it as a chance to be creative in what they do as artists. That doesn’t mean that Ogden and Haze don’t have respect for the screwed sounds of the “H”. They recently put out a screwed version of Payne’s album late nights thoughts that can be found on OgdenPayne.com

Ogden’s love of old school jams can be heard throughout his work. In tracks like his single “Yves Saint Laurent” you can hear the silkiness of the early 90’s dripping off the track. The song ,which was inspired by the sent worn on a first date, can be seen here.

In addition to his work as an artist Ogden is a future Bobcat and current student representative of GRAMMY U. GRAMMY U is a program set up by the Recording Academy, “help[s] prepare college students for their careers in the music industry through networking, educational programs and performance opportunities.” For more information, check out the website.

To get up to date info check out OgdenPayne.com or the “BLOgden.

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