Rockin’ Music with a Bunch of Nerds

band nerds
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On Air Talent – Kelsey Johnson and The Fern
Other Side Drive Executive Producer – Shannon Williams
Writer – Kelsey Johnson
Editor – Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros

Click here to download the full Band Nerds interview!

Formerly on Other Side Drive, your favorite Friday hosts Kelsey and The Fern got to geek out in the studio with Band Nerds. In between some metal and rap songs, Band Nerds talked to us about how they came to be through love for musical experimentation, friendship, and how their diverse style of songs came about.

Band Nerds members: Cross (vocalist/mc), Scullie (guitar/backup vocals), DJ Sol Los, Cam I Am (drummer), Mark Nasty (bass), and Nagee (vocalist) explained to us how new metal is coming back and how their love for rock and rap has shaped their original sound. These guys have an amazing amount of love for music, performing, and their fans, and the style of music that they bring out shows the dedication and fun in which they accomplish this. Band Nerds honesty shine through their songs and in the studio.

Currently located in Dallas, Band Nerds will be playing MR Fest ‘14 on April 25th and 26th.

band nerds



Fernie Espinosa

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