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Pride Parade

pride flag
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San Marcos will host it’s first Pride Parade this September in celebration of the LGBT community. Erin Andary sat down with the woman who is making it all happen, Silvia Sandoval.

Pride is an event that celebrates, educates, and brings together people from all different backgrounds and sexualities that strive for equality under the Gay Rights Movement. Sandoval has been working for years to bring Pride to San Marcos and hopes that being located in between Austin and San Antonio, who both have large LGBT communities, will help draw in a larger crowd and bring success to the parade.

“I am already in touch with the Austin Pride so I’m hoping they will come out and promote theirs as well. I figure if we come out with San Antonio and Austin on our side we will probably be able to support them and get the same outcome they do.”
– Silvia Sandoval

Some of the obstacles Sandoval has encountered include recruiting sponsors, city approval and overall participation, but she remains positive and hopeful of a successful parade that is set to start off at 8am on Saturday, September 6th on the courthouse grounds.

The event will also include DJ’s, a meet and greet and a drag show at the Veterans of Foreign Wars meeting place.

Erin Andary, KTSW News

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