Kyle Offidani in the KTSW Studio

Get Serenaded by Kyle Offidani

Hailing from the northeast seaboard, musician and overall nice guy Kyle Offidani shares parts of his journey from Nashville, to Austin, and the many places in between. KTSW’s The Fern and Sydney quickly learn that while Kyle may be polite and reverential in conversation, he is nothing but assertive when he plays his guitar.

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Kyle is the perfect example of how following your passion can change a person’s life for the best. He shares with us how he discovered his love for music and who his influences are: people such as Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins. Kyle’s presence is profound; it is easy to see how he is able to gather inspiration for his music from all around him. The Fern and Sydney get to learn about his personal approach to writing, his favorite taco spots in Austin, and more.

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On Air Talent – Sydney Huddleston and The Fern
Other Side Drive Executive Producer – Shannon Williams
Writer – Sydney Huddleston
Editor – Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros

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