Bobcat Radio – USA Post Mortem

Bobcat Radio

July 2nd, 2014
Hosts – Ishmael Johnson, Warren Schorr, Nick Erskine

Producer – Warren Schorr
Editor – Mark Alvarez

Segment 1: Name Drop

Men in Blazers – Soccer analysts and hosts of Men in Blazers podcast
Jason Kidd – New coach of Milwaukee Bucks
Mauricio Pinillia – Chilean striker tattooed missed goal on his back

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Segment 2: Texas State Sports

-New Women’s basketball assistant coach
-Women’s golf schedule announced
-Football Preview
-Idaho Preview
-New Sun Belt teams:

  • New Mexico State
  • Appalachian State
  • Georgia Southern
  • Idaho
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Segment 3: World Cup

-Recap heartbreaking end to the US’ run
-The USMNT’s future under Jurgen
-Round of 16 Recap
-Quarterfinals Set, predictions, matches to watch for

US World Cup End
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Segment 4: World Cup + NBA Free Agency

-Finish World Cup talk
-Kyrie Irving’s extension
-Free Agents getting contacted, other than LeBron:

  • Kyle Lowry, Chris Bosh, Melo, Greg Monroe, Parsons, Deng, Pau, Isaiah Thomas, Hayward, etc.
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