Aaron Krouse "Moon Life"

Late Night Live Sessions With Aaron Krouse’s “Moon Life”

It takes a lot to record your own album, even more to do it with a close friend.

Listen in as Aaron Krouse and Rick Jennings talk about their new album ‘Moon Life’ with KTSW’s Brandon Henderson and Jason McCall.

Aaron and Rick are a pair of young men that prove that dedication conquers all when your an aspiring musician. The duo play a few live performances, talk about the adventures of creating an album, and even play a never before heard song just for KTSW.
Aaron Krouse "Moon Life"

Aaron Krouse Complete Interview
The topics range from late night music sessions, playing a church venue, and last minute album covers. The pair take a light-hearted approach to their craft, and it shows in their music.
You can hear ‘Moon Life’ for yourself right here.

By – Jason McCall
On-Air Talent – Brandon Henderson and Jason McCall


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