Hostage Calm - Die On Stage album cover

Review: Hostage Calm — ‘Die On Stage’

Hostage Calm - Die On Stage album cover
Hostage Calm – Die On Stage

By Shelby Schimcek
Music Reviewer

Artist: Hostage Clam
Album: Die On Stage
Release Date: Sept. 12, 2014
Label: Run For Cover Records

Hostage Calm is a five piece pop-punk rock band from Connecticut. Being seven-time Grammy nominees and playing major annual concerts like Vans Warped Tour it’s without a doubt they are talented.

Their newest album “Die On Stage” is a must listen. The first song “When You Know” sweeps me off my feet and sets my mind free from any stressful thoughts and worries weighing me down. Even in the song they say “more than anything I just want you to be free.” When listening to this song I think of being happy and carefree with my friends and I feel warm inside like the weather transitioning from summer to fall.

Following the first song is “A Thousand Miles From Here.” Although it is a short song it’s my favorite off the album. I love songs that I can picture myself at the band’s concert having the time of my life, singing along to every song with the crowd, jumping up and down and feeling young and full of life. This song has that effect on me and I can’t help but continue to listen to the rest of the CD.

The entire album has the young, wild and free vibe and there isn’t a song I wouldn’t recommend. Each song is upbeat and guaranteed to make you listen over and over again. I highly suggest Hostage Calm for fans of Green Day, The Swellers and Handguns.



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