In-Studio: Quiet Company


If you somehow haven’t heard of the Austin natives known as Quiet Company yet, then you’re in for a treat. Matt, Tommy and Bill from Quiet Company were in the studio to promote their new album called “Transgressor.” They have been working on this album for almost three years and were excited to share all of their jams. They started off with their first single off the album called “Understand the Problem,” which is a lovely mix of indie pop and alternative rock. They also played “A Year in Decline” and “The Most Dangerous Game” which bring their own unique sounds.


They also shared some stories and laughs with Alec and Erica. It was a pleasure having these guys in the studio. You can check out and purchase their new album on their website. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook and give their Soundcloud a listen and follow!

On Air Talent – Alec Munguia & Erica Tice
Other Side Drive Executive Producer –  Fernando Espinosa
Writer – Brent Johnson
Editor – Brent Johnson

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