The Rupp sisters

Rupp Sisters’ Making Early Mark

By Kiersten Ehr
kTSW Sports

Rup sisters and Kiersten Ehr
Photo by Shannon Carrico

Interview by Kiersten Ehr

Sara and Randi Rupp have done everything on the softball field together for 15 years. This year the freshman continue that streak here at Texas State. Pitching for the Bobcats, Randi is already becoming an all star as she threw her 21st complete game and eighth shutout of the season in the Incarnate Word series on April 1st. Her eight shutouts now leads the nation in that category. Randi gets help at the plate as Sara backs her up as catcher. You can only imagine they are on the same page for success.

The girls have the advantage of reading each others actions and motives during games to help each other in crucial situations. This bond has grown and continues to grow while playing in a collegiate level. Randi explains how much she relies on Sara backing her up behind the plate while keeping her focused.

“For me with her being my catcher she automatically knows if I’m doing something wrong or what my pitch is going to be,” Randi said. “She’s been catching for me for 15 years and we have that bond. We are super close and honestly I wouldn’t want to throw with anyone else except for her. It does make us better together.”

Every moment during a game for the Bobcats the Rupp sisters take each pitch to each inning as a learning tool to help them develop into star athletes in their careers, as well as a leaders for the team. 

“I feel like we learn with each pitch always something new to do,” Rupp said. “It helps us every game even if we are struggling we know to come back that next inning and get back in the grove. I feel like we are here to help each other and to grow with each other, to improve each other.”

In this first year at Texas State the freshman twin sisters are learning to adapt under pressure in game winning situations. This has only strengthened their passion to become a greater version of themselves as they soak in the knowledge from upperclassmen.

“To me, it honestly tells me that everything I have done in the previous years have paid off now and it’s only going to make me better as I’m a senior,” Randi said. “I’m getting experience now, I’m learning now.That will only help you as you get older and you’re playing as a senior you’re that much better. I have talked to the previous players that were here last year and they said that we are that much better this year than we were last year. She said we are all learning together and having a big freshman group come in. We are all learning as upperclassmen are helping us get into the groove of things now and being great leaders.You learn the little things now so that as you get older the little things will help you out. Playing as a freshman  is a big deal. You get to learn the game. Everything is real fast once you get to this level and as playing as a freshman it’s fast. You get the experience and even each day I will learn something new. If I get it now it will help me in the future. We still need to keep learning as we go but to keep that  confidence as we go through conference. To just get better and better each day.”

Sara and Randi Rupp are continuously growing as leaders and as teammates as the duo strives to fight for the Sun Belt Conference title in May. Randi Rupp continues to be dominate in the circle for Texas State as she currently ranks fourth in the nation in strikeouts with 192. and first in shutouts owning seven. She owns a team-leading 15-9 record in the circle for Texas State. The girls are proving to set high standards for other freshman athletes and teammates, that with a little heart and passion you can achieve excellence and a brilliant legacy.

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