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In Reel Life: Skeleton Twins

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Hosted by Roslyn Barrutia
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Skeleton Twins movie
Skeleton Twins movie. Photo courtesy http://www.skeletontwinsmovie.com
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    In Reel Life: Skeleton Twins

What happens when you put Kristen Wigg and Bill Hader in a film?

You get two extremely talented and funny people joking around. What else would you expect?

Not only does their comical sense shine through in their latest film together, Skeleton Twins, but they give great performances in their more serious roles, roles that they both don’t usually play.

Skeleton Twins came out last September starring Kristen Wigg, Bill Hader, Luke Wilson and Ty Burell. It starts off with Kristen Wigg who plays Maggie, an unhappy married woman, picking up her brother, Bill Hader who plays Milo, from the hospital after a suicide attempt. Maggie offers Milo to stay with her and her husband to keep a close watch on him, her brother, even after not seeing each other in over 10 years. Wigg and Hader play fraternal twins that each deal with getting lost and having to find their path again through each other. Skeleton Twins is not your usual Kristen Wigg and Bill Hader movie.

This film surprises you from the beginning to the end. It simultaneously follows both Maggie and Milo’s life. Wigg’s character, Maggie, tries to figure out why she isn’t happy even though, everything in her life is in order and on track. And why she doesn’t want to have a baby with her perfect husband. While, Hader’s character, Milo, has to deal a blast from the past. Not only that but he has to learn that some things you have to move on from and live life even if nothing goes as planned. Especially if you move to L.A. to become an actor, but instead end up as a waiter, just fresh out of a relationship. Both have to cope with their problems, instead of escaping them, and move forward with life. Which we can all relate to, while perhaps not that extent, but at least to the fact that things come, plans change, problems arise and instead of ignoring them, we learn to deal with them even through the emotions.

In the beginning, you see that both characters deal with their problems by themselves, thinking that no one else cares or understands. They struggle when obstacles come their way as they always have, by repeating the same mistake. Maggie deals with the guilt of taking birthcontrol, while working to figure out how to tell her husband that she isn’t ready to be a mom. MeanWhile, Milo deals with a tragic romance from highschool. Dealing with problems by yourself can be a little stressful and without being able to talk to someone you may feel as if you are alone. Whether you are a twin or not.

When Milo moved in with Maggie, they knew almost nothing about each other but after spending a night together at Maggie’s work, they are making farting sounds, recapping on their highschool memories, gossiping and sharing secrets that they could not share before. When they share, they each understand each other’s problems and why, without hesitation or judgement. They handle each secret with an honest reaction and a comical one. At the end, they are reminded that nothing can separate them and that they will always be connected.

Craig Johnson, the director, says, “anyone who isn’t a twin is sort of fascinated by twins.” Johnson says that Wigg’s and Hader’s brother-sister relationship was natural. They had instant chemistry. Their relationship was a sort of reflection of Johnson’s relationship with his sister. While this movie isn’t autobiographical, there are some true experiences from Johnson.

Skeleton Twins is an amazing film. It’s a film that makes you think that not everything has to be on track, and to take one step at a time. (And the problems that you have now, to cope and move forward and experience life .And be there for someone.) – rewrite as complete sentence to make sense. I recommend anyone to watch it! Not only does it bring a more dramatic tone but Wigg and Hader do have their comical moments (repetitive) especially when they lip-sync a duet of “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starships . You’ll just have to watch Skeleton Twins, to know how epic that scene is. Oh, and they dance to it, too. Thanks for reeling into “In Reel Life.” This is Roslyn Barrutia and you’re listening to KTSW 89.9.

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