Texas State Approves Deaf Section at Football Stadium

by Marques Mingo
News Reporter

Texas State's Bobcat Stadium. Photo by Mark Alvarez.
Texas State’s Bobcat Stadium. Photo by Mark Alvarez.

When former Texas State football player, Brian Guendling posted a video back in July of him doing sign language to Bruno Mars Uptown Funk, the response from the Deaf community was overwhelming and inspired him to create a way for deaf people to meet their peers.

Guendling is not Deaf but has always had a special connection with the deaf after taking speech classes and being around a lot of Deaf people. Guendling came up with the idea of a Deaf section after Deaf individuals asked him about coming to a game. When asked, Guendling thought that instead of having them all spaced around, they should all enjoy the game together, feel welcomed, and have a great time.

After posing this idea to the ticket office, 4 days later the Deaf section was approved. Once the news got out, Guendling says that the excitement doesn’t just stop here in San Marcos.

“I have received some messages from some deaf students at Texas State and their very excited. Now the have an opportunity to meet new deaf friends as well. I’ve had a lot of people from TST message me about it and request some tickets as well. It’s just an opportunity for people from all over San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin area to come watch football and enjoy it with some cool deaf people.”

Guendling meets with Deaf students everyday to help tutor and develop ideas for their community. Each meeting he learns something new and finds that his goals are the same as the deaf community.

“We’re gonna show the world that the hearing and Deaf community can work together and that they’re no different than anybody else and we’re going to show some good entertainment.”

Tickets have been reduced from $25 to $10 and can be obtained through Guendling with his special code he can give out to select people. The section is set to open for the first time this Saturday at Texas State’s first home game against Prairie View A&M University. If this section is successful, Guendling hopes to have a deaf section at other sporting events at Texas State and across the country.

Emily Parma

I am a student at Texas State University, studying Special Education, with a minor in Sociology. I am currently engaged, and we have two dogs. I love writing, advocating for people with disabilities, and being outdoors.

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