Place 6 Candidate Melissa Derrick’s Message to Voters

by Matthew Hamill
News Reporter

Melissa Derrick
Photo by Taylor Zavala.

The University Star hosted a debate between City Council Candidates for place five and place six, where candidate for place 6, Melissa Derrick had something to say to voters.

Melissa Derrick describes herself as an activist and a citizen’s advocate, and she looking to serve her community in Place 6 from City Council for the first time.

Derrick has taken a strong stance against the development of the Woods Apartment Complex, however still believes development can contribute positively to San Marcos’ growth.

Before taking to the floor to debate against Place 6 incumbent Shane Scott, Derrick described exactly what kind of candidate the City of San Marcos needs.

“In the rapid period of growth that were experiencing we need somebody up there who is going to shepherd through the really good developments and insist on high quality and insist on job based incentives. So that we can move the community forward in a positive direction.”

Derrick said she also wants to preserve and protect everything that is unique about San Marcos from the river to the Historic downtown and neighborhoods.

Melissa Derrick is running against incumbent Shane Scott, for place 6 in the San Marcos City Council. Early Voting begins on Monday, October 19th.

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