Place 5 Candidate Scott Gregson’s Message to Voters

by Matthew Hamill
News Reporter

Photo by Taylor Zavala

The University Star hosted a debate between City Council Candidates for place five and place six, where candidate for place 5, Scott Gregson had something to say to voters

Scott Gregson moved to the city of San Marcos as a businessman, and is now looking to make an impact on the City as a member of City Council. Gregson is running against former Mayor Frank Arredondo for place 5 on the San Marcos City Council, since incumbent Ryan Thomason is not running for re-election.

Gregson has served on the United Way of Hays County Board, as well as the LBJ Museum of San Marcos Board of directors. The former student body Vice President at Texas A&M, decided to get involved in local politics because this election comes in an important time

“This one is unique and particularly important because we’re at a crossroads. San Marcos is moving from sort of a small town to a big city.”

Despite being a business owner Gregson has made a clear stand to protect San Marcos neighborhoods. Gregson said he has always supported actions that serve and promote the quality of life in San Marcos

“It’s important because the things I’ve stood for in the past decade, backing candidates who support both neighborhoods as well as the environment. That’s going to continue with me, it’s not just words it’s actions. I’ve spoken with my public support for candidates and efforts for particular developments that I’ve been against, that I think have impacted our city negatively.”

Gregson said that he is pragmatic and that will help him made informed decisions if elected to City Council.

Gregson is running against Frank Arredondo for place five on the San Marcos City Council, early voting begins Monday, October 19th.

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