melissa derrick

Derrick Speaks About Election Results, University Star

by Kasandra Garza, Hannah Rucker, Sara Weaver
News Reporters

melissa derrick
Photo by Jacquelyn Carter

Melissa Derrick was elected as San Marcos City Council member for place six. Derrick received 67 percent of the votes while Shane Scott received 33 percent of the votes.

Throughout election night, Derrick said she felt “pretty confident” going into the race and felt a strong sense of support throughout her campaign.

“I just want to thank the citizens of San Marcos for believing in me because I have done it for us,” Derrick said.

Derrick said as a city council member, her goal is to represent the citizens of San Marcos and implement their input before developers.

“We are paid by the citizens to take care of the citizens,” Derrick said “Not to take care of developers or special interest groups.”

Although Derrick won the election, prior to the announcement, she said the University Star retracting their statement was “kind of too late.”

“I do understand and I do empathize,” Derrick said. “I hope that they learned something from this. I really appreciate their apology.”

Derrick is currently working as an Administrative assistant for the Center of International Studies at Texas State University and is the co-owner of San Marcos Computers. She received a bachelor of arts in journalism from Southwest Texas State University.

Since graduation, Derrick has lived in San Marcos for 26 years. She has been active politically in the San Marcos area during her time living here, speaking out during citizen comment in city council meetings. Derrick said her campaign revolves around “growth” for San Marcos and continuing to keep it the fastest growing city in the nation.

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