scott gregson

Gregson on Winning Election, Future Plans

by Kasandra Garza, Hannah Rucker, Sara Weaver
News Reporters

scott gregson
Photo by Nathalie Cohetero.

Scott Gregson has won the San Marcos City Council election for place 5. Gregson said he will bring his “successful” career to city council.

“I feel great,” Gregson said. “I’m pleased to have so many great supporters and that translated into votes.”

Gregson said his plans aren’t to “change” things, but to maintain the growth San Marcos has experienced.Gregson said he feels his business background does not play a role into winning the city council elections.

“I know how to hold people accountable, I know the right questions to ask and I know what answers to expect,” Gregson said. “I don’t think the real estate piece has anything to do with it.”

Gregson said he believes residents want consistency and their voices to be heard.

Gregson said he appreciates Frank Arredondo for stepping up and said he knows Arredondo will continue to remain active in San Marcos politics.

Gregson has been actively involved in the San Marcos community for many years with real estate transactions totaling to 1.5 billion. He is active in the LBJ Museum Board of Directors and is currently the president of the San Marcos Downtown Association.

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