Phase 2 of Loop 82 Project to Begin Soon

Carlos Marquez
Senior News Reporter

Loop Photo

Phase 2 of the Loop 82 Overpass project is set to begin mid-December. This phase will include lane reductions of intersections at Aquarena Springs Dr. and Mill St., as well as another reduction at the intersection of Aquarena and Charles Austin Dr.

There will also be a lane closure at the intersection of Post Rd. and Aquarena. Traffic will be redirected through an alternate route around the construction but a bike lane will no longer be available at this point.

Kelli Reyna is a Texas Department of Transportation spokeswoman, and says street adjustments will be made for construction of the overpass to continue, stressing In order for our crews to be able to safely access some of the area where they need to be constructing these new lanes, we may have to reduce the lane with other roadway from the typical 12 ft you see to possibly 11 ft, maybe even 10 ft, which is the maximum we would be allowed to reduce that with. ”

Reyna says that for construction to continue running smoothly drivers should take extra caution, emphasizing there is limited room to work, and accidents can happen if drivers are not paying attention.

“At the end of the day, whenever you’re traveling through this area we do ask you remain prudent when driving through the work zone” Reyna says. “Our goal is to keep the lanes open on Aquarena Springs as much as possible, so that way we can continue to facilitate the flow of traffic.”

The lane closure and lane reductions will last until March as the overpass project continues to progress. 

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