The Rise of Weird City

Written by Laura Valencia
Video shot and edited by Kendra Sells
KTSW Weird City Fest Press Coverage Team

Weird City made their triumphant return this past Saturday. With 30+ acts, live art and a photo booth, this festival kept it live. Artists brought their best and it definitely showed. From lyrical flow to beat boxing, this fest was weirder than ever.

Spider House Ballroom was poppin’ with quality performers, such as KB the Boo Bonic and Dat Boy Supa. The outside stage, Chapel, had an amazing vibe. The cold weather couldn’t stop these artists from spittin’ fire. BigMike, Retr0gRaDe, SPACE CAMP DEATH SQUAD and many more helped keep Austin Weird.

One thought on “The Rise of Weird City

  1. This is awesome! Thanks for the cover and props on the visuals. Check me @, and check out my new non-profit CAKE @

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