Phase 2 of Overpass Construction to Begin in March

By Carlos Marquez

Photo by Carlos Marquez
Photo by Carlos Marquez

The Texas Department of Transportation has announced that construction crews will begin building the frontage roads to the Loop-82 Overpass. The construction of these roads marks the beginning of Phase 2 of the Loop-82 Overpass Project which was originally supposed to begin in December.

Construction Crews will reduce the four lanes on Aquarena Springs Drive to two lanes where the street meets Zunker Street, Warden Lane and just before the intersection at Charles Austin Drive. TX-DOT Media Relations officer Kelli Reyna says that the department is planning ahead to avoid causing drivers inconvenience for an extended amount of time.

“We only ask motorists to be prepared for this work,” Reyna said. “We’re letting people know at least a month in advance so that way we can start to plan ahead, look for alternate routes, things of that nature. We know that anytime there’s construction, especially one of this nature where you are seeing some lane reductions, we know that there’s going to be some traffic delays. So we just ask that people try to seek alternate routes and avoid the area as much as possible during this particular phase of construction.”

The second phase of the Loop-82 Overpass Project is scheduled to begin in early March and the phase should be complete in five weeks with weather permitting. Reyna also reported that the construction crews are currently on-track to finish the overpass in late 2017.

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