Get Involved: Ultimate Frisbee

By Halley South
Segment Producer


In this episode of Get Involved, Halley South interviewed the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team.

Halley: I interviewed member Cole Smith who let me know what the team does, why it’s so much fun, and how to get involved. For those who don’t know, Ultimate Frisbee is a sport played with a seven member team. The members must strategically throw the disc to one another and when caught, must stop in place. The goal is to get the disc to the end zone. When caught in the end zone, that team receives one point. The game ends when one team reaches 13 points.

Halley: So Cole, give me a little run down of the history of frisbee here.

Cole: So the men’s team has been around for about 15 years here at Texas State. It’s a club sport so we compete against other teams. So like we compete against UT, A&M, UTSA and a bunch of other teams. The women’s team was founded a little bit after the men’s team and  they’re doing equally successfully if not more successful.

Halley: People from all skill levels are welcome.

Cole: Oh, you don’t have to be experienced at all. When I first started I could barely throw anything. Everything I threw went into the ground. So we just take any level so if you want to join we’ll teach you all the throws we’ll teach you all the formations; it’s a great sport. I love it.

Halley: Because it is a club sport, practices are taken seriously.

Cole: Currently we are practicing 4 days a week. Four days a week for about an hour and a half or two days we are practicing down by the tennis courts at Saltgrass and also on the Jowers field behind Jowers.

Halley: The team gets to travel to lots of neat places to compete!

Cole: I’ve only been playing Ultimate for about a year and a half here at Texas State and my freshmen year we went to tournaments that were in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Denver, Colorado and then another tournament that was in Arkansas. So the Ultimate team travels a lot. It’s super fun we travel in state and out of state.

Halley: The team is also really close outside of practice.

Cole: Oh yeah, we hangout all the time. Anytime we’ll like put on the group message like, “Hey anybody wanna hang out at Sewell park? Anybody wanna go disc golfing?” And at least like 5 people maybe 10 will be like, “yeah sure let’s go do that.” There have been times when the women’s team will get in contact with us and we’ll do things with the two teams with Trainwreck and with the Buckets.

Halley: The team has high expectations this year to get to nationals but still encourages new members to join.

Cole: This year we have a pretty stout team looks like everyone is working on the same page. We actually got new coaches so it should be a pretty great year for us. I really like playing with the Texas State Ultimate team and I really love the sport of ultimate frisbee. If you’re ever interested in playing for Texas State, we’ll probably have booths in the quad next semester and if you’re an incoming freshmen we’ll have booths at new student orientation. Come check us out!

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