Texas State Student Draws National Attention as “Donald Tramp”

Jairo Devora
News Reporter

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With only a few months until the presidential election, one Texas State student is attempting to ease tensions by portraying a top polling Republican candidate.

Kristoffer Celera, Computer Science sophomore, decided last year to dress up as Donald Trump for Halloween. Since first introducing “Donald Tramp”, Celera has already received national attention from The Advocate and New York Daily News. However, Celera didn’t initially expect the outfit to turn into more than just a costume.

“It actually happened last semester for Halloween. Originally it was going to be Donald Trump, I went down to Austin and every place was sold out of the Donald Trump wig, except for one place,” Celera  said. “I was in line to get the last wig in Austin and I was thinking ‘Hey, if there is enough to sell out all of these wigs, both in-store and online, there’s gotta be other people trying to do this idea, I have to stand out! So, logically, I found a stripper store and got Go-Go shorts.’”

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As a member of the Texas State Young Americans for Liberty chapter, he encourages people to not take politics too seriously.

“I just want the message of humor. Too many people have a hot bed of emotions, especially when it comes to this particular candidate in general,” Celera said. “I’m not saying don’t take anything seriously, I’m saying, don’t make it painful for yourself in taking it seriously.”

Celera said Trump’s personality was not the only reason he picked him over the other candidates.

“I picked Donald Trump over Sanders, Clinton, Jeb Bush… because he’s the most controversial of the candidates,” Celera said.”He, along with Sanders, brought a lot of attention into this race.”

Celera plans to continue his act throughout the election season. 

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