MR Fest Artist Profile: King Finn

By Tre Simmons
Music Journalist

King Finn. Photo courtesy of King Finn's Bandcamp.
King Finn. Photo courtesy of King Finn’s Bandcamp.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, King Finn are a four-piece “indie space rock” band consisting of Chris Gallego (vocals,) Jeremy Ortiz (guitar,) Jakub Ausobsky (bass) and Michael Lucio (drums.)

Equally adept at pummeling forward in a power pop burst of technicality or laying back and letting a song’s atmosphere take the reins, King Finn will wow you with their energy regardless of what mode they’re in. They’ve played at House of Blues previously and are now ready to grace one of the many stages at MR Fest. To get a feel for what they have to offer, listen to their hook laden As Part Of Me EP, where the crunch of their guitars, slightly twangy vocals and driving rhythm section coalesce into six thoroughly infectious songs. Also, feel free to listen to their new single, “The Flow,” dedicated to their late guitarist, Alan Huynh.

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