MR Fest Artist Profile: Sidechick

By Ryan Lacerda
Local Music Journalist

Stephen McElwee, Kelvin Givens and Austin Yeates. Photo courtesy of Sidechick.

Shhh, don’t tell your main girl about this nefarious alternative shoegaze band, Sidechick. Get your reservations now specifically for you and your secret side chick.

Stephen McElwee is the sly singer and gallant guitar player for these cunning men, and his smooth yet solid voice and unique catchy guitar riffs will keep you grooving in a trance. Bassist Austin Yeates delivers with calculated precision and keeps the melodic structure intact while pushing the harmonic envelope into uncharted territories. Drummer Kelvin Givens throttles and slams songs into life while keeping perfect composure. They all met in an advertising class at Texas State University in 2015. After Kelvin’s band at the time broke up, they all got together and jammed.

One of their biggest shows so far was a local house party in San Marcos where they ended the night playing after their friends, psychedelic rock band Mantra Love. Everyone was raging that night.

Take a listen to Sidechick on Bandcamp and come see them play MR Fest on April 30.


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