MR Fest Artist Profile: I Am the Albatross

By Ezlyh Gutierrez
Music Journalist

Photo courtesy of I Am the Albatross.
Photo courtesy of I Am the Albatross.

I Am the Albatross is an Austin-based trio that has perfected the ability of fusing the resonance of heavy Americana and western psych with the drama and excitement of rock ‘n’ roll.

Jesse Berkowitz’s rugged vocals compliment the animated, grungy guitar work he effortlessly presents to the table. Along with fun, fuzzy bass handsomely delivered by Giuseppe Ponti, and finally, all synced together with percussion carried out by Marc Henry.

Just releasing their new album Lonesome Son, this band is the definition of Folk n’ Roll. These artist display maturity, understanding of their sound and connection and deliver an ambiance that is just plain inviting and explosive.

“If Leonard Cohen was a hipster millennial, this would be the soundtrack he played during an epic cross-country getaway to the hinterland of Canada after a bank robbery”
The Deli Magazine, ATX

Be sure to check out I Am the Albatross at MR Fest on April 30.

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