San Marcos Activity Center

City of San Marcos Schedules Extra Community Cleanup

By Conor Yarbrough
News Director

San Marcos Activity Center
Photo by Janelle Abad.

In an effort to mitigate the damages caused by the recent San Marcos floods, the City of San Marcos is scheduling an extra community cleanup for residents. This will be paired with San Marcos’ annual brush drop-off on Saturday morning, June 11.

Solid waste program coordinator Amy Kirwin said, in addition to brush waste, the City will also accept furniture, recyclables, and hazardous debris left over from the floods.

“A lot of people are slowly being able to go through and fix up their homes so this is a great time to be able to get rid of that debris,” Kirwin said. “This is actually a great opportunity for people to volunteer if they have trucks or trailers because a lot of people can’t get [the debris] to the site to drop it off.”

The next community wide cleanups will be on September 10 and October 8.

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