What’s in Store for the University Golf Course

By Conor Yarbrough
News Director

Closing Texas State Golf Course
Closing sign at the Texas State Golf Course.

Adios; That’s the word from the Texas State University golf course.

Severe flooding last October has the course pinned with $1.2 million worth of damages and as a result the university has opted not to reopen the nine-hole fairway. Texas state officials met with numerous departments to discuss what to do with the course, and after extensive conversation about what the future holds, university spokesman, Matt Flores, says to expect some changes.

“At this point, the current plans are to convert the land for use for recreational fields, uh, for students particularly in the rec sports program-intramural,” Flores said.

When asked if any plans to open a new course elsewhere: “As of this time, I don’t know that an alternative location has been identified yet.”

Texas State hopes that the planned renovation will appeal to more of the student body.

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