Miss Beautiful San Marcos Pageant

By Kyomarys Figueroa
News Reporter

The first ever “Miss Beautiful” of San Marcos has been crowned.

Photo by Kyomarys Figueroa

On Friday, the first ever Miss Beautiful San Marcos Pageant for women with disabilities was held at the San Marcos Activity center. A panel of judges watched as contestants took the stage and modeled swimwear outfits and elegant dresses. Lisa Morris, the Recreation Programs manager and pageant co-­host said that the activity center has never done this type of event in San Marcos before.

“Texas State student intern, Azeneth Valle, family is from McAllen and they own a dress shop. They have done similar programs in McAllen so Azeneth decided she wanted to bring that to San Marcos. We’ve never had a pageant like this here.”

Photo by Kyomarys Figueroa

Azeneth Valle says her past experience in doing this encouraged her to voice this idea.

“I thought this was the best way because my parents have always been involved in pageants so I knew a little about it. So when I became an intern I gave them the idea to do the Miss Beautiful pageant, and that’s how it kind of got start just with the discussion and wanting to do more for the community.”

The winner: Stacey Becza, was crowned by Miss Glitz and Glamour from McAllen.

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