Float Fest 2016 Recap

By Ashley Galvan
Music Journalist

Float Fest
Photo by Ashley Galvan

What is better than floating down San Marcos’ cool, clear blue water while listening to live music? Float Fest’s third year at Cool River Ranch was, yet again, another successful event. Although the forecast was close to 100 degrees both days, it didn’t stop anyone from coming out to enjoy artists like Santigold, Rick Ross, Metric, Future Islands, Chromeo, Yeasayer and many more favorable bands, as well as local bands like Night Drive, Wild Moccasin and Holiday Mountain.

Ice Cream
Photo by Ashley Galvan

Sometimes when we attend festivals, there is always that point of the day where you have to choose between seeing two different bands that play the same set time, but at Float Fest that wasn’t an issue! Float Fest has two different stages that puts their artists on one after the other, rather than having to choose between Santigold and Rick Ross, after Santigold the crowd rushed their way to next stage for Rick Ross, which was motivating enough to catch every act. Not only was the music incredible, but Float Fest also provided free ice cream, along with other free drinks and merchandise. Who doesn’t like free stuff at a festival, especially when they have free ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s?!

Fta Tony
Fat Tony/Photo by Ashley Galvan

Despite Texas’ Summer heat the crowds were smaller than your average festival. Along with music, Float Fest also provided fun activities aside from floating, such as fun carnival rides. If you ever had some down time, there was no hesitation for people to go on the ferris wheel or play fun games to win silly, over-sized stuffed animals.

New discoveries, free ice cream, camping, carnival rides, floating and live music pretty much sums up the great moments at Float Fest 2016! Overall for the event’s third year, Float Fest is going strong! Who’s to say what is in store for next Summer’s Float Fest Festival? Seems to me that the festival will only be getting better and better each year!

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