Potatoes, North Carolina, and Seasonings with Capyac

By DeMarcus Cobb
Assistant Music Director

Capyac is a musical outfit from Austin, Texas that finds a way to blend disco, jazz, chillwave, R&B, IDM and Deep House on their debut release, “Headlunge”. You never know what to expect from the Nu-Disco act live or in studio, and that is one of the many things that makes this group so unique besides their fashion.

Take a listen as they shed some light on their live shows, being Potato and the circle of life. Hear about their live tour gear, favorite seasoning, dream collaborators, their trip to North Carolina and more in this colorful interview with the local Austin production duo.

The conversation began with them talking about their late radio station nights where they would do improv comedy and perform original songs. It was a pleasure chatting with the Capyac guys.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hang around late enough for their after-hours Silent Disco set, but I know they had the house rockin’. Can’t wait to see these guys when they invade San Marcos.

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