Sam Brannon: Mayoral Candidate

By Grant Morris
News Reporter

Election season is here and that includes the city of San Marcos. Five residents of the city are throwing their name in the hat to be the next mayor of one of the fastest growing cities and home to our very own Texas State University. Among them is six-year San Marcos resident and former veteran of the corporate world, Mr. Sam Brannon.

Sam Brannon believes in politics from the ground up. Many of his actions in the city so far have been influenced by the sort of grassroots activism that keeps citizens close in mind.  While he hasn’t held public office before, Brannon was highly involved, along with many Texas State students, in last years effort to end the practice of putting fluoride in the city’s water. This was an effort that, through community involvement and activism driven by awareness, proved successful. As of last November, the city has promised to never again put fluoride in public drinking water.

Mayoral Candidate, Sam Brannon. Photo by Tafari Robertson

More recently, Mr. Brannon has come out as an opponent of the development of the newest HEB in San Marcos. The grocery store, which has two other operating locations within city limits, announced plans this past summer to install another location on the corner of Hunter road and Wonder World Drive. Many residents voiced concerns due to this prospective located in close proximity to the environmentally sensitive Purgatory Creek Natural Area. These plans have since been confirmed.

He feels as though his decades long former career as a business professional will lead to the ability to take positive, well thought out action in a variety of areas. In addition to his experience in the corporate world, Brannon’s life is heavily influenced by a several-year-long trip abroad, which he feels both humbled him and offered a new perspective on life in America. When asked about what particular issues affect San Marcos residents, Brannon has made clear his hope to steer the city away from being run by developers who would act against the interest of those who have made it their home. If elected, Mr. Brannon hopes to leave a lasting impact while keeping the people in mind.

General election will be taking place on November 8th at various locations around town.

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