Florida Votes Trump

By Victoria Beeler and Archana Nair
News Reporters

By a one percent margin, Donald Trump has won the swing state of Florida. The polls in Florida have been neck-and-neck between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, which is about as much as the nation would expect out of Florida. With 29 electoral votes up for grab, the polls have been a nail biting experience for citizens across the country.

square-election-01Florida has had a very tumultuous past when it comes to previous presidential elections.

Much like 2016, the 2012 election brought forth great uncertainty; Florida was the only state which was decided by less than one percent, with Obama beating Romney. In 2008, Obama beat McCain by 2.8 percent.

In 2004 Florida elected George W. Bush by a 5.0 margin, which seemed like pretty wide after the craziness that ensued during the 2000 election. The outcome of the 2000 presidential election in Florida was unknown for about a month after the polls closed. After a dramatic recount of the votes, it was declared that George W. Bush beat Democratic candidate, Al Gore, by 537 votes out of nearly six million cast.

Needless to say, Florida keeps election season interesting.

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