Texas Democrats Hope to Win Blue Seats

By Amanda Forbes and Austi Bryant
News Reporters

According to recent polls, Texas may not turn blue for the presidential race, but Democrats still hope to clench seats in a handful of offices.

Historically, elections in Texas are not competitive as a result of the partisan redistricting process. However, the 2016 presidential race has contributed to Texas’ gradually growing Democratic population.

square-election-01NPR reports that the demographic groups influencing Texas’ Democratic vote counts, consist of Republican-leaning suburban women and Latinos who are fired up to vote against presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Several races in Texas are being closely watched tonight in what Democrats hope will be an upturn of Republican dominance.

While Congressional District 23 is the only federal election that has remained consistently competitive in Texas, two different Dallas area races will be closely watched tonight, regardless of how Republicans are anticipated to maintain control in the state.

According to MyStatesman News, Irving and Grand Prairie based District 105, along with Mesquite and Garland based District 107, have both become increasingly diverse in the recent years. This gives the Democrats hope that this will propel them to victory.

However, the most competitive Central Texas race may be for Republican State Representative. Tony Dale’s bid for a third term in Williamson’s county’s District 136 may reveal how much Donald Trump’s presidential campaign ends up affecting down-ballot races in Texas.

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