Trump Wins Texas in Presidential Election

By Amanda Forbes and Austi Bryant
News Reporters

Presidential nominee Donald Trump has won Texas in the 2016 election.

Based on the nine percent of precincts reporting, The New York Times reports that Trump earned more than 350,000 votes than Hillary Clinton. Trump also won 38 electoral votes and is up by six points in the state.

square-election-01Southern counties Cameron, Brooks, Duval, Jim Hogg, Webb, Dimmit, Maverick, Zavala, Bexar, Frio and Kleberg, along with western counties El Paso, Culberson and Presidio show a Democratic win.

The rest of other Texas counties, excluding Travis, Fort Bend, Harris and Dallas, show a Republican win.

As for nationally, Trump officially won 14 other states aside from Texas. He is predicted to win swing states Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, Clinton has won 10 states. She is predicted to claim swing states Pennsylvania, Colorado and Wisconsin.

Trump also sits at 137 electoral votes compared to Clinton’s 104. Either candidate needs 270 total votes to win the Electoral College.

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