KTSW’s Production Director Shares His Bro Tips

By Holly Henrichsen
Web Content Manager


Connor Shwanke is one of the many men behind the mic. As production director, Schwanke assigns and approves all of the commercials that you hear on KTSW. Janelle Abad, KTSW’s music director, sat down with Schwanke to get his take on all things bro for International Men’s Day.

Shwanke met his first bro at an after school babysitter in his hometown in Kansas, and they would often ride their bikes to the other’s house because they lived so close.

“This sounds super Kansas,” Schwanke said. “He also lived across the pasture from me.”

Shwanke gave his tips for being the best bro you can be. He says that you should be confident, lighthearted and support others.

“You gotta have your memes,” Schwanke added. “You gotta have good humor.”

Tune into KTSW for 24 hours of special content for International Men’s Day. You can tune into 89.9 or listen online.

Featured image by Tafari Robertson.

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