KTSW’s Sports Director Reveals What Space Jam Character He Is

By Holly Henrichsen
Web Content Manager


Kyle Spencer is KTSW’s sports director, and he was willing to open up about male stereotypes and perspectives for International Men’s Day.

Photo by Tafari Robertson.
Photo by Tafari Robertson.

As the sports director, it makes sense that Spencer is an avid sports fan. He has always had a love for basketball (he was a four-year varsity starter in high school), although football isn’t quite his thing.

“I wanted to play football so bad in middle school, and then I played football and I hated it,” Spencer said. “I kept the love for football, just not putting a helmet on.”

Spencer has been in a relationship for six years, which goes against the stereotype that men, especially men in college, don’t want commitment and would rather have a one night stand.

“There’s people that say, you know, ‘you’re missing out on a whole lot’, but I don’t feel that way,” Spencer said. “I’m such a believer in if you’re happy, then don’t change it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Spencer said that if he were a Space Jam character, he would be Daffy Duck, but only because his friend on his basketball intramural team took Bill Murray’s jersey.

Stay tuned to KTSW 89.9 for 24 hours of men for International Men’s Day.

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