KTSW’s Traffic Manager Talks Marriage and Marshmallows for International Men’s Day

By Holly Henrichsen
Web Content Manager


Samuel Herbert is one of the few directors to be leaving KTSW in December. Herbert is currently KTSW’s office and traffic manager, but he will be walking the stage in a few weeks to finally receive his degree.

Along with graduating and getting a job, Herbert recently got married in a civil ceremony.

“After this whole election, me and my husband decided that it was probably better to go ahead and get our Texas license,” Herbert said. “I had to remind you and my other friends that we will have a regular ceremony so y’all don’t kill me.”

Photo by Tafari Robertson.
Photo by Tafari Robertson.

Herbert said that his only role model is his father. While he aspires to be like his dad, the similarities in their work and education can be shocking.

“I didn’t realize that every step I’ve made, educationally, is kind of what my dad has done,” Herbert said. “Pretty much everything I’ve done through KTSW is what my father did through (his college radio station,) KCRW.”

Herbert gave me some of his best advice; don’t wave a marshmallow around while trying to blow the fire out.

“About the fifth wave towards my face, the marshmallow comes flying off the end of the skewer, still on fire, and adheres itself to my forehead.”

Needless to say, Herbert doesn’t wave around marshmallows that are on fire anymore.

Tune into KTSW 89.9 from midnight to midnight today for 24 hours of special brocast content for International Men’s Day.

Featured image by Tafari Robertson.

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